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Oregon Graduate Institute's Journal

Below are the 2 most recent journal entries.


  2003.10.12  23.12
matlab code problems

Ok, I realize I have posted about this before and I am posting in a variety of engineering journals, but I'm really stuck here...I am having problems with the following code...
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  2002.10.05  18.04

This is algeh, your community maintainer. I'm currently a master's student in CSE. If you want to join this community but need an invite code to make a journal, leave a comment with your email address or email my livejournal account and if your email address is an ogi.edu account I'll send you a code. If you don't have an ogi.edu email address and you have some affiliation with OGI email me with some kind of proof or other and I'll think about it. If you need to reach me for any reason please comment to this post.